Hospital housekeeping management system

House Keeping Module

Housekeeping in any hospital is defined as the provision for a clean, comfortable and safe environment in the hospital for patients and general public. Housekeeping in the hospital management system software involves the maintenance of beds in wards, rooms, cubicles. The various housekeeping tasks can be planned, assigned and tracked in the module.

Beds are released for Housekeeping after the discharge of the patient If a bed is posted for housekeeping, then that bed is not allocated to the next patients till the Housekeeping Department releases it after making the bed saleable/available.

Some of the features of this module

  • Facilitates scheduling of various housekeeping tasks in all areas of the hospital including wards, outpatient department, operation theatre etc.
  • Generation of housekeeping checklist
  • Allocation of housekeeping tasks to individuals
  • Recording of the completion of the housekeeping tasks
  • Reporting of activities pending
Hospital housekeeping management