Medinous hospital fixed assets management optimizes asset utilization and helps achieve regulatory compliance

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Optimize Asset Utilization through the Hospital Asset Tracking System and Achieve Regulatory Compliance

The hospital fixed assets management module deals with all the activities that are related to the Fixed Assets in a hospital. This hospital asset tracking software handles all the assets of the hospital and covers functions like identifying an item as a fixed asset and then allocating specific depreciation on that asset, managing the movement of the asset, maintenance of the asset, revaluation and disposal etc. are monitored regularly. Asset adjustments, Asset Transfer, Asset revaluation, Asset Disposal is possible in this hospital asset management module.

Hospital fixed assets management module helps to keep track of assets

Capital Items received through GRN can be converted as assets with just one click

Depreciation allocation booking for more than one cost center in same month can be done in this hospital asset management module

Asset adjustment and revaluation

Asset transfer and disposal option available in this hospital asset tracking software

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