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Accelerate Hospital Bed Turnover and Improve Inpatient Experience

Planning, assigning and tracking of housekeeping activities can be done effectively with the aid of the hospital housekeeping management module. Auto scheduling maintenance activities of beds, rooms, cubicles and other areas of hospital at predefined intervals so that the hospital environment remains clean, comfortable and safe. The module has rights to lock the bed so that it is not allotted to the next patient until it is cleaned reducing chances of allotting uncleansed bed

Scheduling the cleaning of various areas of a hospital

Hospital housekeeping system integrated with the general stores to maintain the required stock

Integrated with ADT with indication of locked status for housekeeping process

Real-time updates of housekeeping orders from various departments

Checklist point indicators for housekeeping process

Can set priorities for the requested tasks in the hospital housekeeping management module

Task request can be done immediately and also can be scheduled for future dates based on frequency in the hospital housekeeping management software

Checklist against completed task can be tracked with the task completion time

Pending/assigned/completed status can be reviewed in the hospital housekeeping management software

Color legends for user convenience to categorize the different types of requests

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