Medinous IP management software help to see all the key information about the patient under IP nursing dashboard

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Inpatient Management System for Real-Time Patient Information

The Inpatient management module has been designed such that all the key information about the patient such as patient assessment, lab, radiology, vitals collection, input and output chart, medication information and all other relevant information about the patient can all be viewed under one umbrella of the IP Nursing Dashboard.

Ward Management software dashboard with pictorial representation of patient status with easy navigation to desired patient

Inpatient management module is integrated with clinical pathways allowing tasks to flow from the assigned pathway to nursing dashboard

Nursing dashboard with alerts and reminders on tasks to be performed on the patient

An easy-to-use patient assessment screen with customizable pre-filled data

Easy access on right click to various nursing assessment forms

EMR screen to view patient records

Option to refer to other specialists from the inpatient management module

Integration with ADT and Physician’s module giving an real-time status of the patient

Integration with billing module, giving information about the payment status

IP module is integrated with Operation Theatre module for specialized OT care

Well-designed screens to easily pen down all the ward activities

Streamlined admission, transfer, and discharge activities.

Reporting and tracking of hospital incidences.

Track drug issued from Ward pharmacy and inter pharmacy drug movement control for effective inventory management.

Discharge notification to all concerned users to enable faster discharge clearances before actual discharge.

Ward Management software capture all delivery related details with facility to register and admit the new born.

  • 20+ Years of Healthcare Expertise

  • 14+ Countries

  • 17000+ Patients/Day

  • 13000+ Users

  • 70000+ Transactions/Annum