Medinous OP software is interlinked with physician’s workbench for better patient coordination

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Faster Turnaround time for Doctors with Highly Intuitive Outpatient Dashboards

Critical and vital information that remains the key for patient care decisions can be readily captured by the nurses with the aid of customizable pre-filled data under various subsections. The information captured by the nurses can be viewed by the Physician in the Outpatient Hospital Management System, thereby playing a crucial role in cutting down the time spent by the Physicians on each patient visit.

Outpatient management module dashboard interlinked with front office scheduler for live updates on patients

Nursing assessment entry screen to capture patient complaints

Interlinked with physician’s workbench for better patient coordination

Medication administration queue providing drug details of patients

Outpatient management software interlinked with pharmacy for drug stock and nursing crash cart

Close integration with billing module to capture all relevant billing processes

Procedure order and tracking screen to keep a tab on the procedures

Consent entry screen to obtain consents for procedures with digital pen interface

Verifying the pre-paid visits for patients with future visits in the outpatient management module

Reports for various details with respect to outpatient module.

Built in Queue Management Functionality

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