Medinous radiology software is integrated with PACS and enables faster diagnosis

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Enable Faster Diagnosis with PACS Integrated Radiology Information System

The radiology information system module covers the processes starting from the booking of appointments of the modalities against the investigation requests raised by Physician to delivering the results to the ordering Physician of the hospital. The RIS module is completely compatible with the imaging technologies used by radiologists and offers smart methodologies for the radiologists to interpret and infer results reducing their time consumption and effort.

Radiology queue for managing booking and procedure for the patients

Interface with PACS

Integration with EMR to view the images at any point in time across all departments

Medinous RIS has the ability to create templates to aid in result entry

Radiology result entry screen to capture all vital information about the procedure

Alerts via notifications, E-mail, and SMS for doctors and patients

Integrated with Insurance for co-pay and deductibles

Items and consumables (Films usages etc.) consumed for each captured and recorded with auto stock availability status and reduction capability

Radiology scheduling provided with an optional facility to schedule Resources and equipment in the department

Results entry made simpler with efficient RTF format Reports

Efficient image tracking mechanism incorporated

Provide for tests and investigations to be conducted from a pre-defined package and track the same

RIS handle external radiology requests and also requests sent to external radiology centers efficiently

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