Medinous hospital inventory management optimizes the store operations with a better inventory control

Modules > General Stores and Inventory

Optimize Store Operations through Hospital Inventory Management System with Better Inventory Control

The general stores and inventory management module of the Medinous has been designed to cater to all the needs of the hospital staff in carrying out their duties with the aid of items being made available from the General Stores department. The procurement cycle of the items from the suppliers to issuance of the same to the end users has been covered.

Master pages to create groups, sub-groups, units, suppliers, and items

Ability to create templates for different forms of item purchase

Quotation entry and comparison can be done in this hospital inventory management system

Purchase order for cash, non-stock items, emergency purchase, service

Sub-store operations and departmental cycle from request, queue, approval, and transfer

Ability to issue to other hospitals and return from other hospitals

Physical stock adjustments

Handling of expired items with return to suppliers or destroy of expired items

The Supplier master record creates a sub-ledger account in financial accounting

External hospital stock issues and receipt available in this Hospital Inventory Management System

Option to include and track gift or donation of stock

Stock requisitions from sub-stores and corresponding management

Purchase order generation and processing- LPO, Emergency

Supplier management and supplier payment bucket facility available

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  • 14+ Countries

  • 17000+ Patients/Day

  • 13000+ Users

  • 70000+ Transactions/Annum